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Barrels Through Niagara

Barrels Through Niagara

Hydro Community Garden.

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HYDRO is positive energy. Our mission is to promote and preserve the wonder that is Niagara Falls. Bringing together new inhabitants and ideas with those that know the ropes and have seen the glory and vigor that can exist. Through networking events and the promotion of the authentic activities that exist in our own backyard, people, ideas, art, culture and energy will find each other and build upon themselves.
Hydro Niagara Falls, USA.
The Falls are a tireless source of positive vibes that draw people from around the world. For decades they have been the gateway from which all ideas and treasures had to pass by to reach the interior, now we will revive that energy and enthusiasm!
Hydro Niagara Falls

HYDRO’s Goals:

  • Change perspectives. Acknowledge the hurdles and move beyond them. Focus on the positive ideas that are growing as a groundswell in the downtown area.
  • Network. Through social and physical outings we will create a buzz and get those with ideas in touch with those who can get them accomplished.
  • Activities. Develop and foster new activities which will supplement the existing calendar of events.
Coming Soon from Hydro.
Barrels Through Niagara.
Coming Soon from Hydro.